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The SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) Dynamic Forms Rules feature lets you display a specific form based on an end user's or technician's selections when they are submitting an incident, service request, or change.

Custom Forms are a standalone group of fields. Dynamic Form Rules define when a specific form will display.

Based on the details entered by the user, additional information regarding the current incident is requested.


ITSM customers ESM customers
Setup > Service Desk > Dynamic Form Rules

Organization (or Service Provider) > Service Desk > Dynamic Form Rules

At the Organization level, you can set up dynamic form rules only for users and groups.

Modules where dynamic forms are supported

Modules supported Modules not supported
Incidents Computers
Problems Mobile Devices
Changes Other Assets
Customer Surveys Contracts
Releases Purchase Orders
Service Catalog * Vendors
* Only field logic is supported in Service Catalog.

Set up Dynamic Form Rules

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) service providers can create their own service-provider specific dynamic form rules.
  1. Create your Custom Forms and Custom Fields.
  2. From the Dynamic Form Rules index page, click Add to display the New Dynamic Form Rule window.

  3. Enter the mandatory information.  

  4. Define the Condition Set.

    Focus on the Equals/Not Equal operator and define the value.

  5. Edit relevant Actions and save all changes.

    It is important to edit the Action to reflect the information and details you wish to obtain.

    When the conditions met are true, the Standard Network form displays. When they are not met, the Critical Network form displays.

Video: How to Enable Dynamic Forms

A SolarWinds training video is available to explain how to create custom forms, custom fields, and dynamic form rules in SWSD. See Dynamic Forms video.

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