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In the Business Hours setup section you can define your organization's business operation hours. You can define more than one set of business hours records, which you can then associate with your organization's sites.

For each business hour record, you should define the name of the record and provide a description. For example, a service desk that provides international support might need several business hours records, including:

  • Global office hours
  • North America office hours
  • APAC office hours
  • EMEA office hours

After a business hour record is defined, you can define the actual operation hours for that record and choose to import your choice of regional holidays and define any other additional days off.

In SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD), business hours are based on the hours you offer support to your end-users. Administrators can define business hours that align with your service desk's business rules, Service Level Management rules, and reports.

The default business hours record, which is the first one created, can be renamed but it cannot be deleted.


ITSM customers ESM customers
Setup > Account > Business Hours Organization > Setup > Account > Business Hours

Configure default business hours

  1. Navigate to Setup > Account > Business Hours.

    If your organization is using Enterprise Service Management (ESM), navigate from the Organization setup.
  2. On the Business Hours screen, click Create a new business hours record.

  3. In the pop-up on the right, enter a name and a description, and then click Create.

  4. Click the grey triangle to the left of the new record's name.

  5. Edit workday hours as needed. When you hover over the row of any given day of the week, a pale grey arrow displays, and you can define the specific hours.

  6. When finished, click Update.

Business hours by site

Business hour records need to be defined per site. If all of your sites provide the same support hours, you can rely on one set of default business hours.  If your support hours vary per site, a unique business hour record must be created per site (example: U.S. Business Hours, APAC Business Hours, EMEA Business Hours). Repeat the process above to create new sets of business hours for each site.

When a new site is created via API, default business hours are applied if none were defined in the API.

Scheduled Time Off

SWSD provides the ability to manually define days where business hours are not in effect, for example:

  • Holidays
  • Company off-site days
  • Election days

You can also import predefined holiday calendars.

To import holidays:

  1. Click Import Holidays and from the dropdown select the holidays you want to import. You can select more than one set of holidays at a time using the check marks to the left of each holiday set name.

    Make sure to deselect holidays that are not relevant to your organization.

  2. When finished, click Import Holidays.

To add a business day where business hours are not in effect:

  1. Click Add Time Off.

  2. Create a name, for example, Election Day.

  3. Click in the Begin Time field. In the pop-up, select a date from the calendar and use the drag buttons at the bottom to select a start time. Click Done.

  4. Click in the End Time field. In the pop-up, select a date from the calendar and use the drag buttons at the bottom to select an end time. Click Done.

  5. Click Create Time Off to save.

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