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The Computers index page displays a list of computers used by your organization.  The information on this page was collected via the Discovery Agent, imported via .csv file, or entered manually. The content on the Computers index page is a complete inventory of all computers used throughout your organization, including all office locations. 

This feature is available via the browser and mobile app.


Assets > Computers.

Active Computers index page

The Active Computers Index page displays a list of all Active Computers. See List view for information on how to filter, edit, and customize index pages.

In addition, customers who have previously customized their Active Computers index page should be aware of the following:

  • The Name and IP Address information were separated into two fields/columns in May 2022. If they do not both appear in the customized view of your page, edit the view to ensure they both display.

  • For customers who have edited their Active Computers index page to include both the Last Update field and the Updated At field, the difference between the two is: Last Update = last update from the agent/scanner while Updated At = last date the record was updated (including manual updates). If the contents of the Updated At field show a date after the Last Update field, then a manual update was performed. When the Updated At field and the Last Update field match, then the last update occurred during the last scan.

Computer records

When you select a computer from Active Computers index page, a new screen provides the following details about the selected computer:

  • Asset
    • Computer Details
    • Asset Details
    • User Details
    • Location Details
    • Custom Fields
    • Attachments
    • Picture of the computer (optional)
  • Software
  • Hidden
  • Hardware
    • Resource Details
    • Computer System
    • Memory and CPU
    • Other
    • Multimedia
    • Ports
    • USB Controllers
  • Lifecycle
    • Warranty Information
    • Dates
    • Maintenance
    • Lease
    • Purchase
  • Risks
  • Incidents
  • Configuration Items
    • Configuration Item Details
    • Configuration Item Custom Fields
    • Related Configuration Items (You can attach related assets and configuration items for asset inventory tracking as well as populating and maintaining an up-to-date CMDB.)
  • Audit
    • A detailed history of every comment related to the selected piece of hardware.

Review your computers using the mobile app

  1. Download and install the SWSD app on your mobile device. Sign in via Single Sign-On or Google Sign in.

  2. From the menu, select Inventory.

  3. Determine whether you would like to review the Devices or Scan a new asset via the QR code.

  4. Notice the tabs on the top of your mobile screen. By selecting the Asset, Hardware, or Software tabs, you can view details about those items. The Related tab displays incidents, configurations items, and other ITSM objects that have been associated with the specific asset.

Update a computer record

  1. Navigate to Assets > Computers.

  2. From the All Computers index page, select the specific computer that needs to be updated.

  3. With the Asset tab at the top selected, notice that some fields have an Edit pencil to the right. Others have a Settings icon to the right.

  4. Select the appropriate icon to edit the contents of the field.

A computer's serial number is its unique identifier. If you reimage a computer, the device's serial number is still recognized as its unique identifier.

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