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Create an incident on behalf of another user

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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating an incident ticket on behalf of another user. Before the ticket can be created, a global setting must be turned on by an administrator, and the user creating the ticket must have the proper permissions.


Global setting

A global setting must be enabled by an administrator. To enable the setting:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Service Portal > Service Catalog.

  2. Scroll down to Allow portal users to submit an incident on behalf of other users, and ensure that toggle is switched to On.

Set user permissions

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account > Roles & Permissions.

  2. Scroll to Service Agent User.

  3. To the right of Service Agent User, click Add Permission.

  4. In the popup, under Action select Create, and under Subject, in the Objects section, select Incidents.

  5. Click Add Permission again.

  6. In the popup, under Action select Read, and under Subject, in the Objects section, select Users.

Your table should contain the two new permissions.

User instructions

  1. Begin creation of new incident ticket as usual.

  2. In the Requester field, click the X to remove your name.

  3. From the dropdown menu. select the name of the individual you are submitting the ticket on behalf of, or enter the user's email address.

  4. Complete ticket creation as usual.

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