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Create a new change request

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After a Change Catalog Item (CCI) is in an Approved state, users can create a new change request using multiple methods.

Methods for creating change requests

Options for creating a new change request include:

  • From the Change index page, select the Add icon
  • From the CCI Index page:
    • Select the CCI name to add a New Change Request.
    • Hover in the Actions section of the relevant CCI row and click Request.

Editable fields

When a CCI was created, the creator determined which fields would be editable moving forward. Therefore, any field where editing was not enabled will be constant. For more information, see Change catalog items.

The requester provides the following and then submits the request:

  • Attachments: Attach relevant ITSM objects, such as CI, Incident, Problem, etc.)
  • Assignment: Assign to individual or group
  • Type: None, Standard, Normal, or Emergency
  • Priority: None, Low, Medium, High, or Critical
  • Tasks/Approvers/etc : Outline all tasks, approvers, etc. from the Process tab and makes changes as necessary.
  • Planned Start and End dates: Manage conflicts with an existing scheduled change (you will be notified immediately). See Change calendar for more information.

Schedule conflicts

As you can see from the example above, there is an additional change scheduled for the same time. If you know the technology does not overlap and processing both changes simultaneously would not have an negative impact, you can proceed.

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