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Service Desk

Administrators set up each of the features below so that SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) can provide insight into the products and services your organization provides. SolarWinds recommends you follow the links to read through each page to gain a better understanding of the feature and how your organization can configure it to best meet your needs.

Configure Service Desk

Each of the features below can be configured by navigating to Setup > Service Desk. You can also click any link below for more details on the setup of each feature.

  • Categories. Use the categories section to organize your work according to categories and subcategories for incidents and service catalog items.

  • Custom Forms. Custom forms lets your SWSD administrator customize the look and feel of the forms, notifications, and all aspects of SWSD that agents, technicians, and end users use.

  • Custom Fields. Custom fields let you add fields in various modules of SWSD.

  • Dynamic Form Rules. Dynamic form rules let you display specific fields in custom forms so you can gather all the necessary details in one shot.

  • Automation Rules. Automation rules provide a powerful, yet easy way to trigger actions or escalation points, based on parameters of incoming data or comments made within SWSD.

  • Notifications. See and set up notifications related to specific actions that occur in SWSD. For example, you can establish who should receive notifications when a new incident is requested, or when an approval task is created.

  • Service Level Management. Using SWSD's Service Level Management feature, you define service targets. By establishing service level agreements (SLAs), you can monitor, alert, and report on missed SLA targets.

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