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Import assets via CSV file

You can choose to import new computers, contracts, incidents, mobile devices, other assets, and users via a comma-separated value (.csv) file. SolarWinds provides csv templates for easy importing.

Import Process

SolarWinds recommends using a CSV template we provide for managing the data you will import. If you choose to use your own CSV file containing custom fields, you will be required to map your fields to the SWSD fields.

Use SolarWinds template

  1. Use the proper CSV template to ensure easy imports.

    Record type you are importing Template
    Computers Import_Hardwares.csv*
    Contracts Import_Contracts.csv
    Incidents Import_Incidents.csv
    Mobile devices Import_Mobile_Devices.csv
    Other assets Import_Other_Assets.csv
    Users Import_Users.csv
    * Notice that serial number and model number are located in the BIOS column and are separated by a tilde (~). Serial number is indicated by ssn: followed by a space, and model number is indicated by model: followed by a space.
  2. Navigate to the proper index page.

    Record type you are importing Navigate to
    Computers Assets > Computers
    Contracts Procurement > Contracts
    Incidents Service Desk > Incidents
    Mobile devices Assets > Mobile Devices
    Other assets Assets > Other Assets
    Users Setup > Users & Groups > Users
  3. Click the Actions dropdown in the top right corner.

  4. Select Import.

  5. In the Importing dialog, click Choose File, select the file you need to upload, and then click Open.

    The mapping page opens. On the mapping page you can see a map of which columns will import into which fields.

    • If you have used the appropriate SolarWinds template you can proceed to Step 6.

    • If you are using your own csv, edit the mapping before proceeding.

    The example below shows a mapping page resulting from an import of user records.

  6. Click Import to begin the import process. Upon completion you will receive a notification email with a status report. The report will contain any errors encountered during the import.

    Imports can take minutes depending on the number of records you are importing.

    When uploading a csv, the upload will only create new records. It will not edit/update/change existing records already in your account. Also, if you are importing new users, SWSD will not send activation emails to csv-imported users.

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