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Why do I want to create groups within my SWSD? Groups are created based on services provided, workflows, regions etc. and can consist of:

  • Teams of technicians

  • Administrators

  • Departments

  • And more

Groups can be made up of various departments and internal service providers. The users that make up groups (e.g. administrators and HR users), will:

  • Receive notifications of incidents

  • Can be assigned tasks

  • Can provide approvals

The three examples above are just a few of the ways you can streamline processes within your departments. 

Use case:

  • When an incident is assigned to a single user and this user is on vacation, the incident will go unaddressed until the specific assignee returns to work.  When incidents are assigned to a group, all members of the group will receive the incoming Incident and any group member can immediately re-assign the ticket to an appropriate user.

All Groups Index Page

As you create groups within your organization, you can manage the groups view via the All Groups index page.

Just as in your Users Index page you can customize your view via the icons described below:

The single triangle:

  • The default setting will show All Groups.
  • As you save new groups you can filter as described below.

The reflects your ability to view your options. Options include:

  • Edit
  • Share your view with others
  • Save Changes and more
  • When an option is grayed out, it is not available to you (based on administrator permissions).

When you click on the blue Edit View, a column will appear in the left pane of your screen where you can:

  • Filter via specific attributes such as Reports to, Department etc.
  • Select the columns for your index page and the order in which you would like them columns to appear.
  • Or sort via Name, Email, Role etc.

To create additional groups select the icon to reveal the New Group form.

Creating a New Group

You can see that the Group and Queues Index pages are set up in a similar fashion. The default page presents a list of All Groups and you can customize this view.

For more information regarding filtering, editing and/or customizing your view, click here.

From the Groups Index page, you can select a group by name to see the details of this group or click the icon to create a new group.

Enter the requested information such as name of group and description. Notice the additional information requested in creation of a group such as Reports to.

To learn about Queues, click here.

To gain a deeper understanding of the different between Queues and Groups, and Que Management, click here.