Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Reports: Stack Incidents by the Closed By Field

Two Incidents Management reports can be stacked by the Closed by field. They are:

  • Incidents Over Time

  • Incidents Volume Breakdown

Incidents closed by first-touch resolution move to a Closed state and do not go through the Resolved state, but data in these two reports can still be grouped using the Stacked by parameter and the Closed by field.

Stack data using Closed by field

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Reports > Templates > Incidents Management.

  2. Select the report:

    • Incidents Over Time

    • Incidents Volume Breakdown

  3. Under the report name, select Add Filter.

  4. To the left, select the PARAMETERS tab.

  5. Select the parameters for the data you wish to display (for example, time frame, resolution, time scope, and limit).
  6. For Stack By, select Closed By.
  7. Click Apply and wait for the report to display.