Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Service Catalog

The Service Catalog is your go-to location when you need help locating approved services offered by your organization. Whether you are looking for your new hire form, place a request for a new laptop, or you need access to an application, the Service Catalog should be your starting place. Make this menu your first choice when looking for help or requesting a service from your organization.

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All services

The All Services list shows you which services are approved. The services are divided into categories to help you filter your search.

Search for specific services

Three search bars located on your screen provide the same results based on your query. For example, if you are viewing a display of All Services and would like to narrow your search to Office-related services, you can enter Office into any search bar. SWSD will then displays a list that contains only Office-specific catalog items.

Submit a request for an approved service

  1. After you have found the service you are looking for, click it to begin your request. Clicking a service catalog item brings you to the service request screen, where you can see additional information that may include a title, description, cost, and expected delivery time for the selected service.

  2. Provide the information requested. Mandatory information is marked with an asterisk (*). Some organizations provide you with the option to attach files to your service request. If you would like to attach any external files, click Attach files .

  3. Complete the information needed and select your options, then click Request Item.

    service catalog image

  4. SWSD takes you to the My Requests menu where you can see your new request and any updates associated with it.