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Field Dependencies

Currently available only in Labs.

Use Field Dependencies when you want a pair of fields to work together. For example, field dependencies could be used to add category levels to a form, which would lead requesters to provide more information for improved accuracy in ticket classification.

Use Case

Related to Country and City, when you enter data that is location specific, you would like to automatically offer relevant options. For example, when you open an incident for a new hire in the EMEA region, after you select United Kingdom, the dependent field would include predefined options based on the country selected.

What can you do to collect more detailed information in tickets?

Consider the use of categories and subcategories. Within a subcategory, by entering a Custom Field you can obtain the data you desire. See Custom Fields for more information.

For example, in a ticket describing a network issue, you could have:

  • Category: Network

  • Subcategories: Router, VPN, Server

  • Custom Field: A custom field as a third level that would a prompt the user to select the type of routers, VPN, and servers that could affect the issue.

    For example, if the user selects VPN, the custom field could prompt for:

    • EMEA-full-tunnel

    • US-full-tunnel

    • vpn-brno

Setting up Field Dependencies

  1. Go to Setup > Service Desk > Field Dependency.

  2. Click the blue Add icon in the upper right. The New Field Dependency dialog opens.

  3. Provide the required information (indicated by a red asterisk).

  4. If needed, populate the other fields from the drop-down lists.

  5. Click Create to save.

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