Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk


The Audit logs allow you to review and manage changes that have been made in areas such as:

  • Role & Permissions
  • Users


This feature is imperative to ensure:

  • Complete visibility and control over your data access permissions
  • The ability to easily revert unwanted or incorrect permission changes

Based on the factors above, you can work confidently in your SWSD knowing you have highly secured data and high compliance with security best practice guidelines.

Use Cases

As an administrator, I would like to be aware of any permission change activity. This is to certify that no unauthorized access goes unnoticed. For example:

When an IT administrator temporarily changes their own permissions to gain access to unauthorized data and then reverts back to their original permissions.

As an admin, it is vital to have access to view all changes made, when, and by who, to quickly prevent and/or resolve any problems that can result from such changes.

How To's

To view such data, navigate to your Setup Menu, select Account, and click Audit.

The Audit index page will provide details such as:

  • Timestamp
  • The name/id of the user making the change
  • Change type: add/delete/update
  • Entity affected: Role/user name
  • Change details: What was added/removed