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The SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) audit logs give administrators complete visibility over any changes made to objects within SWSD. Logs provide information on when a record is created, updated, or deleted, and who is responsible for the change.

Using audit logs you can see:

  • Who resolved an incident.
  • Whether a user received their task email.
  • Who deleted an asset record.
  • Who made changes to a user's role and permissions.


The audit logs provide: 

  • Complete visibility and control over your data access permissions.
  • The ability to easily revert unwanted or incorrect permission changes.


ITSM customers ESM customers
Setup > Account > Audit Organization (or Service Provider) > Setup > Account > Audit

All Audits index page

On the All Audits index page you can view:

  • Name/id of the user making the change
  • Source of the change
  • Action performed
  • Date/time the action occurred
  • The message associated with the change (change details)

See List viewfor information on customizing your view.

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