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The SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) risk management module includes every risk detected in your system.  SWSD provide six out-of-the-box risk notifications. You can add more as needed.


Risk Management > Risks.

Risks index page

There are a number of actions that can be achieved from this index page.  For example:

  • Send an email notification to the user affected; i.e. low disk space on the user's device

  • Send an email to the asset owner of unreported assets

  • You can create an incident and link the asset to incidents created

To learn more about customizing your organization's Risk module, seeRisks.

The Discovery Risks setup lets you define software you consider a risk. You can also identify low free disk space as a risk. See Risk notifications fore more information.

Risk notifications

  • Low disk space
  • Incident past due date
  • Expired contracts
  • Computers that have an agent installed that has not reported in 7 days
  • Computers that do not have any anti-virus software installed
  • Greynet - This needs to be set up by your administrators

Configure risk options

To configure risk options used across your organization, navigate to Setup > Discovery & Assets > Risks.

Out-of-the-box risks

Below is a list of the risks SWSD flags out of the box:

  • Low Hard Drive Disk Space
  • Greynet Software Installed
  • No Antivirus Detected
  • Computers Not Reporting
  • Expiring Contracts
  • Past Due Incidents


You can customize the information that is of interest to you and it will populate in your Risks module.

Greynet Software

Greynet refers to any unauthorized software that is installed on your company computers. This feature allows you to define what software you’d like to be shown as a risk, if found on your devices.
If found, the Risks module will list all Greynet software installed throughout your organization. If you would like to extract the full list of Greynet titles within your instance, please contact our support team at

Hard Drive Space

Any computer reporting a level of disk space lower than the threshold you define reports as a risk SWSD. You are able to set the threshold for this notification in the Risks setup menu. You can also choose to monitor only boot (C:/) drives, instructing the system to ignore any other disks that are running low on free space (CD-ROM and floppy drives are ignored).