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Features found in Labs, allow your IT teams to test new features prior to general release.

This allows you to obtain feedback from the community regarding the benefits and challenges.  If it is determined that a specific feature is not behaving as expected, you can toggle it Off until the matter is resolved or removed. 

Due to the nature of this section, the items found here are temporary.  You do not need to test each feature, if you feel your organization will benefit from a new feature and/or enhancement, simply go to the toggle pill and activate the feature to On.

There are features that are interconnected, therefore you may determine to activate more than one feature simultaneously to maximize the benefit of the new labs offering.

For example:

The new List View feature works hand-in-hand with the Share List View.

You must toggle On both features for the end users to maximize the benefits to improve collaboration within and across teams.

As new features prove successful they will be permanently integrated into the platform or deleted if not found to benefit the end users.

New to Labs

Updated Main Menu

The landing page and main menu have recently undergone a UI makeover. We have taken your feedback into consideration are introducing continued improvements to ensure a user friendly experience.

The main menu is found on the left pane of your screen with icons that represent each section.

If you prefer a more detailed view, click the chevrons at the bottom of the menu to expand the icons and reveal the title of each section.