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Round Robin Assignment

Round Robin Assignment allows you to auto-assign Incidents to members of a queue based on their availability. Round Robin Assignment is enabled or disabled by queue. That is, you must be in the Queue's settings to turn it on or off.

The Round Robin Assignment option is set to Off by default. When you wish to auto-assign based on agent availability, simply toggle the pill bar to On.


Before you enable Round Robin Assignment, consider the following:

  • For Round Robin Assignment to work properly, all users listed as Queue Members will need to manually switch on their availability via their user profile.

  • Although it is NOT recommended to include groups in the queue member assignments, when a group is listed, the ticket will be assigned to the group as a whole and not to an individual member of the group.

  • After someone is added as a member of the queue, that new member must refresh the page.

  • Round Robin assigns tickets based on agent availability. During creation and/or editing of a Queue, you can add members to the Queue Members list. Ticket assignment is based on next available agent and continues down the list.

  • If a member on the list is marked as unavailable, the ticket will be assigned to the next member marked available.

  • If all members of the queue are currently set as unavailable, the ticket will not be assigned and remains in the queue. Any unassigned tickets can affect SLA metrics.

  • Round Robin assignment is only relevant when an incident is created, reassigned to the queue, or automatically assigned to the queue. If no Agent is available at this time, the ticket remains in the queue and needs to be manually assigned.

If a ticket is not immediately assigned, it will NOT get assigned when an agent becomes available. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a process for ticket assignment if there are hours when no agents are available.

Enabling Round Robin Assignment

You can enable Round Robin Assignment when creating a new queue or editing an existing one.

Creating a new queue

See instructions for creating a new queue.

Editing an existing queue

See instructions for editing an existing queue.