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You can integrate a variety of applications with your SWSD account to achieve superior productivity. This helps streamline your visibility under one platform.  Below you’ll find the native application integrations SWSD includes. In this area, you can click the application name to establish the connection.

These integrations do not come with your SWSD subscription. These are applications that require a separate subscription for their service offerings.

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Integrate this IT performance monitoring platform to help your organization manage and optimize your IT infrastructure.

There are two options for integration, however we recommend utilization of both for optimal results.

  1. Integration of SolarWinds Orion with Discovery
    1. The Orion Discovery tool aligns Orion asset data with ITSM: Orion Nodes auto-populate to Service Desk CMDB (as Network devices)

    2. If NPM is used, the dependencies between the nodes is also populated and graphically visualized in Service Desk (relevant for Service Desk Enterprise Plan customers only).

  2. Integration of SolarWinds Orion with your SolarWinds Service Desk
    1. Orion Alerts can automatically create Service Desk incidents

    For more on the Benefits and How To's of Integrating Orion with your SWSD, please click here.

Orion Best Practices

  1. Orion offers many advantages to streamline efficiency in your IT management. We recommend implementing automation rules. For example:

    Analysis of keywords in the tickets created via Orion will:

    • Streamline ticket assignment
    • Avoid breaches in SLA’s
    • Prioritize tickets
  2. Automatic mapping of the relevant CI to an Incident that was created from an Orion alert.

    To better understand this concept, consider the following example:

    An Orion alert has been created as a result of node #348 going down, as long as node #348 is a SWSD configuration item, this CI will be automatically attached to the incident and can be viewed in the Related tab.

    For more on Benefits and How to's of the Automatic Mapping, please click here.

Orion provides detailed information on IT infrastructure such as networks, servers, applications and databases

Dependency Mapping

Currently available only in the Enterprise Plan - You can automatically detect and import Orion asset and dependency data into SolarWinds Service Desk.

This allows you to:

  • Align Orion asset and dependency data with IT service management processes
  • Auto-populate configuration data from Orion into the CMDB
  • Accelerate root cause analysis by attaching Orion configuration and dependency data to incidents and problems

Use cases for Dependency Mapping:

  • Configuration Management
    • Auto populate the CMDB
    • Ensures CMDB is maintained up-to-date
  • Change Management
    • Improve change planning by understanding the impact and risks of potential changes
  • Troubleshooting
    • Quickly analyze and diagnose root causes of Orion issues
    • Investigate and rapidly resolve Orion issues


Below are a few examples of the benefits you reap from integrating Discovery and Orion Dependency Mapping:

  • Enhancement service management by aligning Orion assets and dependencies with IT service
  • Enhancement change management while improving impact and risk analysis with visibility into resolve Orion issues by attaching Orion configuration and dependency data.

For additional information regarding the services provided by the Orion platform please click here

Application Widgets

Below are the out-of-the-box applications you can integrate with your SWSD for seamless productivity.



Related Items Connect additional applications

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Deliver on-demand remote support from anywhere with our cloud-based solution.

Safe remote support with advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication.


Saas and cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management, and customer engagement


Remote control of computers, collaboration and presentation


Track time and expenses of critical data

  • Manually and/or Automatically track time spent resolving a ticket or service request
  • Align time spent on a ticket with a specific project or task
  • Report on a combination of time spent working tickets with the other activities you track
Slack Set up direct connection between your SWSD and specific channel in your organization's Slack account. Get notification of new incidents and SLA breaches when and where they are needed most.


Integrate Jira (OnDemand / Cloud Version) into your processes for bug tracking and agile project management. This integration allows you to escalate an incident from SWSD to a Jira project. Once an issue is closed in Jira, the incident is updated with a resolution and a private comment is relayed into the SWSD. 

For more information about your JIRA integration, click here.

Remote Support

By integrating remote support applications to your SWSD, you can enhance the employee experience and increase your service agent users productivity! These remote support integrations allow you to conduct remote secure sessions, to the impacted employee directly from their reported incident.


Integrate your SWSD account with Salesforce Chatter, and receive support requests directly via Salesforce Chatter.


Zapier helps teams easily integrate applications and automate work. Zapier allows you to instantly connect your SWSD with over 1,500 apps! To learn more click here.

Process Integration

Process Integration enables you to expand the efficiency of your SWSD by automating integrations with third party applications, nested within service catalog workflows. Once defined, it can be used as a target for commands within your workflows!
Adding a new process integration is easy, and in doing so will then become an available source to connect your workflows to when building service catalog requests. Start by clicking +Add Integration. To establish the connection you’ll need to include the following:
-URL of the application you wish to relay an API call to
-Desired authentication method - this could be with your username/password or your SolarWinds Service Desk Web Token. Based on your authentication, simply add the necessary credentials.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

MDM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager) provides the services and tools you need to manage and monitor mobile devices, desktop computers, virtual machines, embedded devices, and servers.

For a deeper understanding of the benefits and How To's of MDM Intune, please click here.

MS Teams

Integration with Microsoft teams is geared to improve service efficiency and boost the overall user experience. Requesters can now submit tickets directly from teams without having to open an additional application.

For more on the Benefits and How To's of MS Teams Integration, please click here.

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