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Many service desk processes can be integrated into other IT and business processes. SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) comes with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations and an open REST API, allowing you to make it part of the workflows you need.

Using integrations you can achieve superior productivity by streamlining your visibility under one platform.  Below you’ll find the native application integrations SWSD includes. In this area, you can click the application name to establish the connection.

You might find helpful information about Discovery connections in Connections.

These integrations do not come with your SWSD subscription. These are applications that require a separate subscription for their service offerings.


Setup > Integrations.

Available integrations

  • Application widgets. Integrate out-of-the-box application widgets for seamless productivity. Widgets include Dameware Anywhere Connect, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, and Harvest.

  • Jira. Integrate Jira (OnDemand / Cloud version) into your processes for bug tracking and agile project management. This integration helps you escalate an incident from SWSD to a Jira project. After an issue is closed in Jira, the incident is updated with a resolution and a private Incident index table is relayed into SWSD

  • Microsoft Teams client. Integrate with Microsoft Teams to improve service efficiency and boost the overall user experience. Requesters can submit tickets directly from Teams without having to open an additional application or send an email. This allows them to continue using existing tools, avoiding the need to learn new tools or collaboration methods. Premier customers that have integrated with Teams can also allow customers to initiate a live chat with an agent.

  • SolarWinds Platform. Integrate the SolarWinds Platform IT performance monitoring platform with your SWSD to help your organization manage and optimize your IT infrastructure. Learn more.

  • Process integration. Process integration lets you expand the efficiency of your SWSD by automating integrations with third-party applications nested within service catalog workflows. When defined, a process integration can be used as a target for commands within your workflows.

  • Remote Support. Conduct secure remote sessions connecting to the impacted employee directly from their reported incident.

  • Integration for Slack. End users can submit a ticket, including category and subcategory. They can also view a list of their open tickets, mark tickets as resolved, see ticket details, add comments and attachments to tickets, receive push notifications when an agent updates a ticket, and get help. Premier customers that have integrated with Slack can also allow customers to initiate a live chat with an agent.

  • Social. Integrate your SWSD account with Salesforce Chatter to receive support requests directly via Chatter.

  • SolarWinds Observability. By integrating SWSD with SolarWinds Observability you can be alerted on newly created incidents related to the services monitored by SolarWinds Observability. See SolarWinds Observability Notification Services Settings for more information.

  • Zapier. Instantly connect your SWSD with over 1,500 applications.

  • Zendesk. Integrate SWSD with Zendesk to better control IT inventory, organize licenses and contracts, detect risks and license compliance gaps, and deliver IT help desk service.

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