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Field Logic

Field logic enables you to control when fields are displayed, hidden, required, or optional according to conditions based on other fields located on the same form. It provides an efficient way for users entering data into forms to collect and validate inputs that are context dependent.

As an incident goes through the incident life cycle, different fields are required at different steps. With field logic, you can have certain fields display when the incident goes into certain states. You can also lock previously displayed fields to retain information. This allows you to make sure you are collecting the correct information at the right times.

Use cases

An issue was found in one of the phone models a company has provided to new employees. The company would like to require users to submit the phone model to handle issues more effectively.

You are onboarding a new hire. You have options for which type of computer and software is needed for the employee to complete their job. With field logic you can have different fields display based on previous selections. If you select an Apple computer for the employee, you want a new field to display that provides a list of the Apple computers supported by the company. You also want a multi-picklist to display containing all software supported for Apple computers.

An access request form allows the end user to select from a dropdown of available pieces of software. Each piece of software has its own second set of options to choose from. You want to hide all the secondary options until the primary selection is made.

Based on a specific type of service request, the agent needs to provide an email address. The company wants the email address to be a required field and to ensure the address is valid.

When an incident status is updated to Awaiting customer input, the company wants to require a reason.

If the category in an incident is Network, the company wants to show a custom form named Incident Form - Network, otherwise show Incident Form - Generic.

Set up field logic

  1. Click View Logic on the relevant custom form.

  2. Define the conditions.

  3. Define the actions.

Fields with applied logic are marked with a Logic label.

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