Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Introduction to Enterprise Service Management (ESM)


This guide provides a basic introduction to SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD)'s Enterprise Service Management feature. ESM allows greater efficiency and flexibility and enhances current service desk usage by letting you expand from a single service provider (ITSM tenant) to multiple service providers (sub-tenants), for example, HR and Facilities. Using an ESM account is the easiest way to manage your different service providers and provide your end-users with easy access to service-provider-specific information.

How does ESM work?

Each of the service providers you create represents a different department in your organization. Those service providers each have their own administrators, service portal, tickets, and support teams. Each service provider can customize their own service portal.


Your company has a single primary tenant, known as the Organization, and multiple sub-tenants, known as Service Providers. Your organization level administrators create all user accounts and groups, integrations, global settings, and CMDB. They also create the service providers.

The service provider administrators set up everything else specific to the service provider. This includes customizing their own service portals and user roles and permissions.