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Mobile application: Computers

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The Computers module in the mobile application provides information related to your organization's computer assets. In the Computers module you can see a list of all computers and their status.

For more information on the modules available in the mobile application, see Mobile application.

For more information about computers and how the computers module works, see ComputersChange catalog


When the mobile application opens, by default it opens to a list of incidents and service requests.

You can switch to any other module by clicking the 3-line menu in the black area above the list. A list of the modules then displays.

From the list of modules, select Computers to see two options.

  • Scan. Scan lets you scan a computer's QR code.

  • Computers. Computers lets you see a list of your organization's active computers.


Asset managers can scan a computer's printed QR code. For more information, see Render Barcodes for Computers.

View computers

From the list of active computers, tap any entry in the list to see more information about it. You can view and modify the status of computers, view software associated with computers, and see other information related to specific computers.

Search and filter

From the black area above the list you can search for a computer or filter the list of active computers.

Tap the magnifying glass to search for an active computer.

Tap the funnel to filter the contents of the list. The list of filter options includes:

  • By category
  • By status
  • By operating system
  • By CPU
  • By tag
  • By manufacturer
  • By domain
  • By site
  • By department
  • Recently added
  • Not reporting
  • Active Computers

View the information saved in a computer record

From the list of computers, tap any computer record to see information specific to that computer. Each computer record has four tabs containing information for the specific computer.

  • Asset
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Related

Asset tab

The Asset tab in a computer record provides:

  • Computer details such as name, operating system, and MAC address.

  • Asset details such as category, status, tag, and asset ID.

  • User details, such as the owner and technical contact.

  • Location details, such as the site, department, building/floor/room, longitude, and latitude.

Hardware tab

The Hardware tab in a computer record provides:

  • Resource details such as the name, operating system, and Mac address.

  • Memory and CPU details, such as the number of CPUs.

  • Network adapter details, such as the Mac address and Nic name.

Software tab

The Software tab provides a list of the software installed on the computer and the software version.

Related tab

The Related tab contains a list of incidents related to the computer.