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Printers are brought into SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) through SolarWinds Discovery. SolarWinds recommends discovering printers via the Discovery Scanner.

The Discovery Agent brings in printers by identifying printer drivers installed on the host machine at the time the Agent reports back. But with the Discovery Scanner, the printer is brought in via a scan of the network it lives on. By using the Scanner you can see a printer and realize whether it is a duplicate from another scanner. (Most customers, however, do not have two scanners on the same network. )

You can also add printers manually. Some customers have added printers as Other Assets and created custom fields to track the information they need.


Assets > Printers.

Printers index page

From the comprehensive printer index page you can select the printer in question and obtain specific data such as:

  • Name
  • Driver
  • Port
  • Computers
  • Building/Floor/Room
  • Department
  • Hidden
  • Printer Type
  • Shared
  • Site

The index page is fully customizable and you can add/remove the columns listed above. See List view for more information.

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