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You can manage software found on devices by using SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) Discovery. You can also manage software manually.


Assets > Software.

Software index page

The Software index page contains a comprehensive list of all software found on devices and all purchased software licenses.  If you have purchased 1000 licenses of Microsoft O365 and are only utilizing 780, you may decide to renew only a percentage of the licenses.

When you select a software, all devices using the software are revealed.  This includes details such as:

  • Total Installations
  • Tag
  • Manufacturer
  • Category
  • Version
  • Windows System Component

If you do not need to monitor a specific software, you can hide it and/or export its information via CSV, XML, and other file types.

The software index page is customizable. See List view for more information.

The default view contains these columns:

  • Software
  • Version
  • Vendor
  • Category
  • Installs
  • First Detected
  • Tag

You can also add these columns:

  • Hidden
  • Windows System Component

Deleted hardware

When a piece of hardware with installed software is deleted, SWSD can take 24 to 48 hours to reflect the software installation count. This can result in a temporary discrepancy between the number of installations for a software and the total Installations for that same software.

Delete all software with no installs

You can remove from the software index page all software with no installs. For more information, see Delete all zero installs software.

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