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Change incident comments from private to public

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SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) Incident comments can be public or private.

  • Public comments are visible to both agents and end users.

  • Private comments are visible only to agents logged into the SolarWinds Service Desk platform.

A global setting enabled by administrators can allow an email cc list to override the cc list in the ticket and make comments private. See Email CC List Should Override Ticket's CC List for more information.

Comments set to private can be switched to public; however, comments set to public cannot be switched to private.

Change comments from private to public

  1. Navigate to Service Desk > Incidents.

  2. From the All Incidents index table, click the title of the incident ticket.

  3. After a Incident index table has been posted, hover over the orange padlock icon until the grey edit (pencil) and delete (trash can) icons display.

  4. Click the edit icon. A dialog opens that allows you to edit the Incident index table.

  5. In the lower left corner of the edit dialog, click the orange padlock icon to switch to public. When the comments are set to public the icon displays as unlocked and in grey.

  6. Click Post to save changes.

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