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The New Ticket menu on the Service Portal lets you create a new incident (help desk ticket ) within SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD). If you are unable to find the results you are looking for after searching both the Service Catalog for approved services and the Solutions menu for solution articles, you can log an incident ticket to get the help you need.


Service Portal > Home > New Ticket

When to create an incident

You should only create an incident when you can't find an approved service in the Service Catalog or when you have a break/fix issue. Examples of break/fix issues include:

  • A broken printer
  • An application that will not load properly

Provide as much information as possible

To ensure time-efficient resolution, provide as much information as possible in the New Ticket window.  This decreases back and forth correspondence that can slow down resolution time.

Associate an asset with a ticket

If you are listed as the owner of an asset, such as a computer or laptop, you can associate related assets when you create a new incident ticket. After your ticket is created and your asset is associated with the ticket, technicians can see related assets from the incident ticket under Related Items.

A good example for using this feature would be when you're having a problem installing software on your computer. By associating your computer with the ticket you create to request help you would be providing a technician with information that could be helpful in troubleshooting.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the ticket and locate the Related Assets section.

  2. Click +Add Assets.

    A list of your assets displays. In the list for each asset you can see the asset type and the serial number under the asset name.

  3. Select the assets you want to relate to the ticket by adding a check mark to their left. If the list is long, you can search for a specific asset first. After making selections, click Add.

    To remove a related asset, click the trash can icon to its right.

  4. Click Create to create a new incident.

After the ticket is created, technicians can see related assets from the incident ticket under Related Items.