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Service catalog

The content of this documentation page is intended for use by agents.

What is a service catalog?

Similar to any sales catalog that displays all the items offered in a store, your service catalog is a complete, up-to-date list of services performed within your organization. When customers want to request a product and/or service, your service catalog should be their one-stop-shop.

What is a service request?

A service request is any request submitted by an end user to the IT service desk with the goal of initiating a service process. When a service request is received, the agent assigned does not start from zero. The solutions to standard requests are based on predefined workflows that vary in complexity. Whether simple or complex, workflows are standardized with a proven history to deliver services within predefined SLAs.

More information on how a service catalog works and how to create items in your service catalog is available in Service catalog .

Service Catalog index page

You can view the Catalog Items index page. As with most of your SWSD pages, this page if fully customizable to meet your needs. The default view includes a list of All Items. See List view for more information on filtering, editing, and customizing your view.

After you have customized your view, there are additional options found on the top right of your screen:

  • The Search icon allows you to enter key words into the search bar
  • The Add icon allows you to create to a new Service Catalog Item. As described above, it is imperative to include as much detail as possible in this in the form.
  • The Help icon reveals additional information related to the current index page.

Create a service request from a service catalog item

  1. Navigate to Service Desk > Service Catalog.

  2. From the Catalog Items index page, select a catalog item name to open the item.

  3. Notice the details of the catalog item, for example, site, department, category, subcategory, , default assignee, and other details. If you have selected the appropriate catalog type to meet the customer's needs, click Request in the upper right.

  4. In the New Service Request dialog, provide required information (marked with a red asterisk).

  5. Provide as much additional information as possible, such as a due date or variables. The more information you provide the less likelihood that the requester will experience valueable wait time while someone gathers information through back-and-forth correspondence.

  6. Click Create .

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