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Through the SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) Service Portal you can look at the requests you have created.

The My Requests tab displays all Incidents or Service Catalog items that you have submitted in the Service Portal. The menu provides an overview of the items, as well as the option to click into each request to see additional detailed information.

The My Requests tab displays the incident state, subject, category, subcategory, and who the ticket is assigned to. This menu also reflects the priority and due date for each incident if your organization has chosen to make these fields visible to Service Portal users.

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If you need to see any status updates on your page, keep an eye on My Requests.

Because the menu displays both incidents and service catalog requests, SWSD marks service catalog requests with a catalog icon to the left of the subject attribute.

See the details of a request

You can click into the title of an incident or a service catalog request to see additional information. When you click, a new window opens that shows you all the information related to the selected incident. For example, the variable information that you entered for a break/fix incident. You can also update the state of the request or add additional comments.

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Mark resolved

If your organization permits, you can mark your own requests as Resolved from the dropdown menu in the State field. Click the pill bar to reveal the dropdown menu.

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Add a Incident index table

You can communicate with the service agent who is working on your ticket. Use the Incident index table tab within the request menu and type your Incident index table in the Incident index table box, then click Post Comment.

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You can continue to communicate with the service agents as needed.

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