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Setup > Discovery & Assets > Installation.

Sync Chrome OS with SWSD

In SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD), if you use Chrome OS, connect your Google Administration Console with your SWSD account so you can view your organization's Chrome OS devices as assets in SWSD. Chrome OS has a limitation to one connection because SWSD is connecting to the Google admin console.

To sync Chrome OS you must be a Google administrator with access to the Google Admin Console.
  1. In SWSD, navigate to Setup > Discovery & Assets > Installation.

  2. Scroll down to Discovery for Chrome OS, and click Connect.

  3. When prompted, follow the on-screen instructions, providing Google admin username and password, to import and synchronize Chrome OS information from your Google Admin Console.

The sync is one-way from the Google Admin Console to SWSD. The initial synchronization process may take several moments, depending on the quantity of asset details being imported.


Illustration of SolarWinds Service Desk integration with Google Admin Console (Chrome OS)

Benefits of integrating ChromeOS with SWSD

There are several benefits to integrating your SWSD Discovery tool with Google Chrome OS Device Manager. Integration:

  • Extends SWSD's agentless scanning capabilities and integration with Cloud platforms.
  • Provides the ability to import information regarding the active Chrome OS devices, with their system information and status.

The image below shows the Computers detail page in SWSD to show asset data on Chrome OS devices.

Mapping/translation table

Because ChromeOS Status field is not aligned with Service Desk Asset Status, the mapping/translation table below provides more information.

ChromeOS Status Description Map to SWSD
ACTIVE The device is enrolled in the domain. Operational
DELINQUENT The annual license for the domain has expired and the device no longer receives policies and settings. When a new license is purchased, the device will return to ACTIVE state. Operational
DEPROVISIONED The device is no longer eligible to be enrolled into the domain. The order has been canceled. The device's settings have been cached on the device. If the device is activated again, the latest system settings are applied to this newly activated device. Disposed
DISABLED The device has been disabled by the administrator and cannot be used. Disposed
INACTIVE The device is not enrolled into the domain. Disposed
RETURN_ARRIVED The request to replace this device has arrived. Replacement
RETURN_REQUESTED A request has been made to replace this device. Replacement
SHIPPED The device is shipped. For details on how to track a shipped device, see the Chrome help center. Replacement
UNKNOWN The status of the device cannot be determined Disposed

Translation for ChromeOS API

Translation between ChromeOS API and SWSD fields

Disconnect Chrome OS

If you disconnect the Chrome OS integration, SWSD does not delete any existing hardware. If you integrate again using a different tenant account, SWSD starts its import process, updating existing records and adding new ones based on Device ID. Because Device IDs are unique, the device information already in SWSD does not change.