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SolarWinds Service Desk comes with a satisfaction survey built into the application. After an incident status changes to Resolved, a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey is sent to the customer via email.

Enable satisfaction surveys

For emails to be sent, an administrator must first enable global survey settings and survey notification settings.

  1. Global survey settings. Establish three different global customer satisfaction survey settings.

    • Default survey delivery settings. Decide whether to disable surveys or send them for all incident categories or selected incident categories.

    • Default Notification Timing. Decide when SWSD will send surveys, how often it will send them, and whether they should be sent for first touch resolution. You can also decide whether to use an external survey.

    • Default Widget Threshold Limit. Decide whether CSAT responses can be reported on and viewed from a widget within your SWSD Dashboard. You can also set the threshold for the widget to show when the percentage of satisfied customers drops below the value you set.

  2. Global notification settings. Enable in-notification direct actions to allow users to click a Satisfied or Dissatisfied button directly from the email they receive requesting a survey response.

Email template

You can choose to use the out-of-the box template, or you can customize the email template to meet your organization's needs. See Email notification templates.


The SWSD Analytics module offers two customer satisfaction reports, which can be customized:

  • CSAT Volume Breakdown

  • CSAT Over Time

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