Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk


From the icon, navigate to Dashboard → Tasks. This reveals a list of all Active Tasks including details such as:

  • Type

  • Title

  • Assigned To

  • Requester

  • Source

  • Due Date

  • Actions


As an administrator you have access to view all the details in the task as well as re-assign to a different agent.

Notice the tabs located in the ticket:

  • Comments

  • Details

  • Process

  • Related

  • Audit

Agents/Technicians will have access to view the Details, Process and Audit tabs

The icon allows you to reset to default or customize the columns on this screen.  Don’t forget to press to save your changes.

  • The button allows you to carry out several actions such as:

    • Mass Update

    • Login History

    • Import

    • Export and more


  • The icon reveals additional information and a tutorial on how to better understand your tasks.