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Mobile application: Incidents

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The Incidents module in the mobile application provides information related to incidents. In the Incidents module you can create new incidents and update existing incidents.

For more information on the modules available in the mobile application, see Mobile application.

To see more on how incidents work, see Incidents.


When the mobile application opens, by default it opens to a list of incidents and service requests.

You can switch to any other module by clicking the 3-line menu in the black area above the list. A list of the modules then displays.

Service requests

Service requests are identified in the list with a small grey SR to the left.

Search, filter, or create new

From the black area above the list you can search for an incident or service request, filter the list, or create a new incident.

Tap the magnifying glass to search for an incident.
Tap the funnel to filter the contents of the list.
  1. Tap the plus sign to create a new incident.

  2. On the New Incident screen, tap each field to provide additional information. Some fields are already populated. Required fields are designated by a red asterisk (*).

    It is best practice to provide as much information in incidents as possible. Scroll through the list of fields to provide additional information.

  3. If you need to, you can add attachments to the new incident by clicking the paperclip in the black area at the top.

  4. Click Create in the black area at the top to save the new incident.

View the information in a saved incident

From the list of incidents, tap any incident to see information specific to that incident. Each incident has five tabs containing information the specific information.

  • Info
  • Details
  • Tasks
  • Related
  • Track Time

Info tab

When you tap an incident to see more information, SWSD defaults to the Info tab, which provides information such as the name of the assignee and the issue that needs to be addressed.

Public/Private comments work the same way in both the mobile app and the web interface.

From the Info tab you can add comments and attachments:

  • Add comments. Scroll to the bottom to add comments.

  • Add attachments. Tap the Type your Incident index table field, then tap the paper clip. There you can attach a photo, an image from the library, a document, or an existing solution.

    Tap paper clip Choose attachment type

Details tab

When you tap an incident to see more information, you can select the Details tab to see the title of the incident, state of the ticket, priority, requester, assignee, cc, category, subcategory, and tags.

From the Details tab you can also change the state of an incident and reassign the ticket to another team or agent:

  • Change the state. Tap the current state and select the new state from the list that displays.

    Tap current state Select new state from list
  • Reassign the ticket to another team or agent. Tap the current assignee and select the new assignee from the list that displays. You can also tap the magnifying glass in the black area at the top to search for a name or group.

    Tap current assignee

    Select new assignee

    Search for group

Tasks tab

From the Tasks tab you can see tasks associated with the incident. You can swipe right on any task to view more information about the task.

Related tab

From the Related tab you can see information about other objects related to the open incident. These objects include incidents, solutions, problems, changes, and configuration items.

Track time tab

The track time tab lets you add the time spent you working on an incident.