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SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) benchmarking shows how your service desk is performing in real-time in comparison with peers inside and outside of your industry.


Analytics > Benchmarking.

Creating benchmarks

You can create multiple benchmarks using the benchmarking dashboard. For example, your Production Benchmark would show the actual performance of your entire service organization. You can also create site-specific or department-specific benchmarks that show the performance of individual components of your support organization.

Ensure accuracy and automatic updates in your Production Benchmark by checking the Use SolarWinds Service Desk data when possible option.

Benchmarking can be used for forecasting and “what if” analysis to project, for example, how your performance would be affected by changes in headcount, customer satisfaction, spending, or service levels. In this mode, benchmarking is useful as a planning tool to prepare for expected changes in your support environment.

You can see example benchmarks at benchmarks.

Create a new benchmark

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Benchmarking.

  2. Click Add Benchmark in the upper right. A new configuration pane opens to the left.

  3. Provide a meaningful title for the benchmark.

  4. Select Use SolarWinds Service Desk data when possible. Notice that when this option is selected, it rolls down to other settings in the configuration pane.

  5. Enter values under Scope, Team, Service Level, Quality, Volume, and Cost (If you selected Use SolarWinds Service Desk data when possible in Step 4 above, some values do not require manual entry.)

  6. Click Save.

Edit, export to PDF, clone, or delete a benchmark

  1. Hover over the benchmark chart, and then click Edit.

  2. In the upper right, click Actions, and from the dropdown list select one of the following:

    • Edit
    • Export to PDF
    • Create New
    • Clone Benchmark
    • Delete

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