Documentation forSolarWinds Service Desk

Introduction to SolarWinds Service Desk

Thank you for choosing SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD), a leading SaaS IT Service Desk and Asset Management service. SolarWinds is excited to introduce you to all the features at your fingertips.

SWSD is an on-demand service. There are no servers to provision, no software to maintain, and no databases to administer. Additionally, with SWSD there is no need to worry about running additional software or backing up your data.

This guide

This guide will serve as an outline to assist your administrators with initial setup. It will help you get your organization started with user friendly, superior IT Service Management (ITSM). This introduction into SWSD will give you the foundation to gain better control in regard to IT requests, solutions, and assets across your organization.

  • Setup step 1: Before you begin contains information about factors you should consider in advance of setup, how to plan a setup that will meet your organization’s needs, and a short description of the overall setup process.

  • Dashboard contains a complete description of your dashboard and how to use it.

  • Setup step 2: Begin initial setup contains a quick overview of login procedures, a description of your landing page, and useful links to more setup information.

  • SWSD assistance contains methods for seeking information and assistance.

  • Account setup contains information about the account module of SWSD and links to the sub-modules.

  • Users & groups contains information about setting up users and groups in SWSD and links to the sub-modules.

  • Integrations setup contains a list of applications that can be integrated with SWSD and links to instructions for integrating them.

  • Global settings setup contains information about the global settings you establish in SWSD and links to guidance for setup of each, including setup of your service portal, creation of custom states, notification settings for your service desk, and email sections used in those notifications.