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Schedule a change request via the change catalog

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SolarWinds Service Desk (SWSD) administrators can schedule Change Requests via Change Catalog Items (CCIs), which allows standard changes to run on their own with a defined cadence.


Service Desk > Changes.

Benefits and use cases

Scheduled CCIs allow customers to automate scheduled standard changes to occur without human intervention.

As a result, customers can automatically run change requests that need to be carried out on a regular basis. This includes the following use cases:

  • A change runs every month to check for backups on all servers.
  • A change runs every six months to check license counts on all SaaS software. This can help ensure licenses are not exceeded and identify whether the number of licenses can be reduced.

Schedule a CR from the change catalog

  1. Navigate to Service Desk > Changes. The All Changes Index page opens.

  2. From the All Changes index page, click a change request name to display the change request detail page.

  3. See the Scheduled tab at the bottom of the details page. (Administrators can update scheduled change requests directly from this page).

    Notice the fields for Planned Start and Planned End dates above the area where changes are scheduled.

The scheduled date is the date the request is submitted. The start/planned end date is the number of days after the scheduled date, which is when the change is executed.

For example, a change is requested on Friday, November 20 is not executed on that date because the start/planned end date is 3 days. This means the change is executed (implemented) 3 days after November 20, which is Monday, November 23.

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