Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Unsecured and secured ports for log in

The DEFAULT_PORT value defines a port for serving non-SSL connections. The HTTPS_PORT value defines a port for serving SSL. These settings are as follows: 



These settings are defined in the whd.conf file in the Ports section. This file is located at <WebHelpDesk>/bin/conf.

You can also configure the HTTP and HTTPS ports in the Setup options located at Setup > General > Server options. See Configure the server options for details.

The Apache Tomcat application server that hosts Web Help Desk is configured to use non-secure HTTP on port 8081 by default. To run on a different HTTP port, change the DEFAULT_PORT value. Be sure that the newly-selected port is available, or Web Help Desk will not be able to start.

To run the application over HTTPS, uncomment the HTTPS_PORT option. To use the standard https port (443), the port must be available or Web Help Desk will be unable to start. When the application successfully starts up on the configured HTTPS port, it automatically generates a self-signed certificate at: