Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Set up an approval ticket

This section describes how to set up a client account for a Web Help Desk approval process.

  1. Create approval roles and select the approvers.

    An approver role provides dynamic approver assignments based on the department or location associated with a ticket. A department approver role approves or rejects tickets for a specific department.

    If you require one of your techs to be an approver, be sure that the tech has a corresponding client account.

  2. Assign a department and client to an approver.

    The requests can be approved through email, web, or both.

  3. Set up the new ticket status type used for the approval processes.

    For example, Needs Approval, Approved, Refused, and Denied.

  4. Configure an approval process.

    The approvers in the approval process are always clients. A tech account cannot be used in the approval process.

  5. Test the approval process to ensure that:
    • All tickets go to the correct approvers.
    • The correct status type is applied when the request is accepted or denied.
  6. Apply the approvals.

    This includes the ticket, email, and client web approvals, as well as the approver action.

  7. Define a new request type that you will use for tickets that require an approval.

    You can select an approval process in the settings for this new request type. When tickets are generated with this request type, the approval process is initiated automatically. If the new ticket status type is set up properly, they will also be used when appropriate.