Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Set up parts and billing

You can track your parts inventory in one or multiple store locations by part number, manufacturer, and model. When parts are deployed to a ticket, Web Help Desk automatically deducts the part from inventory, allowing you to maintain an accurate parts inventory in your deployment.

You can create an alert that notifies you when your inventory threshold falls below your specified level for parts a client regularly requests. See Configure inventory alerts for details.

Using additional tools in Web Help Desk you can:

Add parts to a location

  1. In the toolbar, click Parts.

  2. Click the Inventory tab.
  3. In the fields and drop-down menus, select your search criteria and click Search. To list all parts, leave all fields empty.

  4. Click the Storage Location drop-down menu for a specific part and select a storage location.

    In the following example, the storage location for all parts is Storage Closet 2A.

  5. In the Add Count field, add the number of available parts.

    To reduce the number of available parts, use a negative number. For example, to change the number of available parts from 6 to 5, enter -1.

  6. Click Save.

    When a part inventory reaches zero, the inventory status changes from Available to Back Ordered.

Add parts to a ticket

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets.

  2. Click the targeted ticket number.
  3. Click the Parts and Billing tab.
  4. In the Part Search box, enter and select the appropriate information to locate the part.

  5. Click Search.

    The Search Results box displays, displaying the location and number of available parts.

  6. In the Inventory column, click the part location.

    The part displays in the Assigned Parts box.

    To remove defective parts from inventory, enter the number of parts in the DOA field. Web Help Desk removes the cost of the DOA parts from the ticket and list DOA parts in a separate area in your billing reports.

    To remove an entire parts line item and return the parts back to inventory, click the trash can.

  7. Click Save.