Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Configure Orion-to-Web Help Desk ticketing

You can configure your SolarWinds Orion Platform to generate alerts triggered in SolarWinds NPM, NCM, and SAM when a network event occurs—for example, when a node fails for any reason. When specific alerts are shared with Web Help Desk, Web Help Desk automatically generates a ticket based on the alert.

Techs must have administrator privileges to configure Orion-to Web Help Desk ticketing.

To configure SolarWinds Orion-to-Web Help Desk ticketing: 

  1. Enable SolarWinds Orion to share alerts with Web Help Desk.
  2. Test Orion server access to the integration email account.
  3. Enter a SolarWinds Orion alert source.
  4. Configure the alert filtering rules.
  5. Test the alert filtering rules.