Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Apply parts and billing options

The Parts & Billing Options enable or disable the parts and billing functionality, define the ticket PDF format, and enable or disable service time blocks by location. This functionality is enabled by default.

Before you configure how Web Help Desk handles parts and billing. select your options in this screen.

  1. Click Setup > Parts & Billing > Options.
  2. Select the Parts & Billing Enabled check box to track parts, inventory, and billing in the tickets.

    Deselect the checkbox to:

    • Hide all options in the Parts & Billing Options screen
    • Hide the Parts & Billing tab in Ticket Details
    • Hide parts and billing information in the ticket billing reports
  3. Select the default label assigned to PDF files downloaded from the Ticket Parts & Billing tab.

    These options also select the label used when downloading the selected Invoices PDF from the Ticket list view.

  4. Indicate whether the invoices are billed to the client's location or a department.

  5. Select the checkbox if the service time blocks are enabled for Locations. Otherwise, leave this checkbox blank.

  6. Click Save.