Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Enable ticket auto-assignment

This feature allows you to control the auto-assignment function for a selected tech group level.

  1. Log in to Web Help Desk as an administrator.
  2. Click Setup > Techs > Tech Groups.
  3. In the Group Name column, click a group name.
  4. Click the Tech Group Levels tab.
  5. In the Level column, click a level number.

    For example, Level 1.

  6. Locate the Auto-Assign Tickets to options and select an option.

    Option Action
    None Disables this feature. No tech is assigned to the ticket but the ticket still belongs to the tech group level.
    A Level Tech Applies Load Balancing to determine the level tech with the lightest load and assigns the ticket to this tech.
    Group Manager Assigns the ticket to the tech or administrator designated as the group manager.
    Lead Tech Assigns the ticket to the lead tech for the corresponding ticket request type.
  7. Click Save.