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Add a client custom field

You can add custom fields to the Client Info tab to track additional client information. Custom fields can be used to track any client information that is relevant to your support organization.

For example, if your company deals with sensitive data, you can add a custom field to track the client's security level. The security level might determine whether a client is granted access to certain network locations. Or, you can track whether the client is a contractor or a direct employee because certain services are available only to direct employees.

Information can be manually entered into a custom field, or it can be imported. If the information is stored on an Active Directory (AD) or LDAP server, you can map the custom field to the AD or LDAP schema and import this value along with additional client information.

This example adds a custom field called Contractor. The field has two radio buttons labeled Yes and No.

  1. Click Setup > Clients > Client Custom Fields.
  2. Click New.

    The Client Custom Fields screen displays the default values for a new custom field.

  3. Enter a Label to identify this field.

  4. Click the Display Order drop-down menu and select this field's position within the Custom Fields section of a ticket.

  5. In the Clients and Techs sections, specify whether each group can see or edit the custom field.

    Techs with admin accounts can edit all custom fields.

  6. Select the Type of input this field will accept.

    The remaining fields change based on the Type you select.

  7. Complete the remaining fields. Point to any field name to display information.

  8. Click Save.