Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Add details to tickets with tech notes

You can add additional information to tickets using tech notes. A ticket can have multiple notes and can be added by any technician. Tech notes can contain basic HTML tag or Bulletin Board Code (BBCode) tag formatting.

Techs can also add billing rates to tech notes. To enable, click Setup > Parts & Billing > Options and select the Parts & Billing Enabled check box. When enabled, Web Help Desk will track parts, inventory, and billing on tickets.

Add an FAQ to a tech note

When an FAQ describes the resolution to an issue or provides information associated with a ticket, you can link the FAQ to the ticket.

  1. Open the targeted ticket.
  2. Click the Ticket Details tab.
  3. In the Notes section, click the creation date to open a new note, or click New to add a new note.
  4. Click Link FAQ.

  5. In the window, locate the targeted FAQ.
  6. In the targeted FAQ row, click Link FAQ.

    A link to the FAQ is added to the note.

  7. Click Save.

Create a new tech permission

Administrators can re-assign technicians, change ticket status, and delete tickets. Technicians have various levels of access depending on their tech permission set.

  1. In the toolbar, click Setup and select Techs > Tech Permissions.
  2. In the Tech Permissions screen, click New.
  3. In the Permissions screen, enter a name in the Permission Name field for the new permission.
  4. Select the permissions for your targeted user.

    Click the help icon or click the tooltips for more information about each option.

  5. Click Save.

    Your permissions are saved.

Send email to ticket recipients

When you save a ticket, you can email the ticket to a client, assigned technician, level techs, group manager, or other addresses in the ticket Recipients tab using the Cc and Bcc fields. Select the recipient check boxes or add CC or BCC e-mail addresses, and then click Save & Email.

If you click Save and E-Mail and an error message displays indicating that Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 are not supported, upgrade your deployment to Web Help Desk 12.7.7 or later. This version supports the newer TLS 1.2 protocol. Microsoft deprecated TLS 1.0 and 1.1 beginning in October 2020. See the Microsoft Docs website for details.
If you send an email that includes unauthorized techs and clients in the Cc and Bcc fields, these users cannot open an attachment included in the email. This rule applies to Web Help Desk 12.7.6 and later.
Additional configuration is required for Web Help Desk to receive Cc or Bcc email from unauthorized users who are not clients or techs. See Create a ticket for details.

Clicking Save does not generate an email unless the ticket is re-assigned. In this case, the newly-assigned tech receives an email. Click the lock to toggle the ticket privacy setting. When tickets are private, users without permission cannot see the tickets.

Manage ticket tasks

A task is a series of one or more separate steps called Elements, and can be scheduled to repeat at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. Tasks run automatically on their scheduled date or they can be triggered manually using the green Play triangle next to the task name.

To create a new task, see Create tasks.