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Define Department custom fields

Use the Department Custom Fields screen to create location custom fields.

Below is an example of the Department Custom Fields screen.

  1. Click Setup > Companies & Locations > Department Custom Fields.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Label field, enter a new name for the custom field.

  4. Click the Type drop-down menu and select the appropriate text format type.

    Select... To...




    Create a text box for up to 80 characters.
    Date Create a calendar field to add a date.
    Time/Date Create a field with a selectable calendar and time drop-down menus.
    Time Period

    Create a field with days and hours drop-down menus.

    Select the Use Business Time checkbox to use your normal business hours.

    Multiple Choice Create a field with one or more checkboxes.
    Single Choice Create a field with one or more radio buttons.
    Popup menu Create a field with one or more options in a drop-down menu.
  5. For your Type selection, select an available option. Some options may not display for your selection.

    Select... To...
    Limit Input to Text Box Width Ensure the maximum number amount of characters allowed does not exceed the number of characters selected in the Width drop-down menu.
    Encrypt in database Protect the data entered in the custom field using AES 256 encryption before it is stored in the database. If you select this option after you enter your data, the existing values are encrypted not encrypted until they are updated.
    Searchable Enable the custom field to display as a search option in the Advanced Search page.
    Allow full-text search (slower)

    To search more than 255 characters.

    For performance reasons, only the first 255 characters are indexed. Selecting this option reduces your search performance.

  6. If you selected the Text, Number, or Currency type, click the Width drop-down menu and select the number of columns in the custom field text area.

    Otherwise, go to the next step.

  7. If you selected the Text type, click the Height drop-down menu and select the number of rows in the custom field text area.

    Otherwise, go to the next step.

  8. In the Info field, enter a description that will display in a tool tip for this custom field.

    When you create a tool tip, an Info icon appears next to the custom field. When the user mouses over the icon, the tool tip appears.
  9. Click the Display Order drop-down menu and select the order the custom field appears with the current custom fields.

  10. In the Techs section, select the appropriate client permissions, defining whether the field is hidden, visible, editable, or required or the tech.

  11. Administrators have at least Editable access to all custom fields. Required fields are required for all administrators.

  12. Click Save.

Delete a department

  1. Log in to Web Help Desk as an administrator.
  2. Click Setup > Companies & Locations > Departments.
  3. In the Department column, click the department you want to delete.
  4. Click to enter edit mode.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click Delete.
  6. Click OK.