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Create the ticket custom fields

You can create custom fields to track additional ticket information. These fields can be displayed on all tickets or only certain types of tickets.

This example defines the Start Date field. This field is displayed on tickets with a request type of HR > New Hire Paperwork. It is a Date type, which limits user input to a date selected from a calendar widget.

  1. Click Setup > Tickets > Ticket Custom Fields.
  2. Click New.

    The Ticket Custom Fields screen displays the default values for a new custom field.

  3. Enter a label to identify this field.

  4. To accept the default options, go to step 12. Otherwise, go to step 6.
  5. Click the Display Order drop-down menu and select this field's position within the Custom Fields section of a ticket.

  6. In the Clients and Techs sections, specify whether each group can see or edit the custom field.

    Techs with admin accounts can edit all custom fields.

  7. Select the Type of input this field will accept.

    The remaining fields change based on your selection. Mouse over the selections for details.

  8. In the Info field, enter a description, and then select whether the field is searchable or excluded from e-mail. Hover your mouse arrow over the remaining options and select any additional options as needed.

  9. Click the Display Order drop-down menu and select the position where this option is listed in the Custom Fields list.

    For example, to display this selection as the first option in the Custom Fields list, select 1.

  10. Select the display options for clients and techs. For example, if this field is a required custom field option for tech and client tickets, select Req'd for both options.

  11. Click Save.

    The Request Types field and an Edit link is displayed on the Ticket Custom Fields screen.

  12. Specify which request types apply to this custom field. Only tickets with the selected request type will display this field.
    1. Click the Edit link. A new tab displays a list of request types.
    2. Select one or more request types. To display the custom field on all tickets, click Select All below the list.

    3. Click Done to close the tab.
  13. Click Save.

Verify the custom field

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets.

  2. Click the Search Tickets tab.

  3. Click New Ticket.

  4. In the Client Info tab, search for and select a client.
  5. Click the Ticket Details tab.
  6. In the Request Type drop-down menu, choose the request type that includes your custom field. For example, Facilities.

  7. Complete the remaining ticket fields, and click Save.
  8. Close and then reopen the ticket.
  9. Scroll down to Custom Fields.

    The Start Date displays as the first option because the display order is set to 1.

Edit the custom field

  1. Click Setup > Tickets > Ticket Custom Fields.
  2. In the Label column, locate and click the custom field you want to edit.
  3. Edit the field as required.

    Click for details.

  4. Click Save.