Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Discover assets

Web Help Desk supports several methods of automated asset discovery. Using one or more of these tools, you can synchronize Web Help Desk with your selected discovery tool and import the assets into the Web Help Desk database.

Web Help Desk discovers assets using its native WMI discovery engine and can pull assets from the following asset discovery tools and databases:

  • Active Directory
  • Apple Remote Desktop 3.x and later
  • Casper Recon Suite
  • Systems Management Server (SMS) / Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • Database Table or View
  • SolarWinds NCM, NPM, and SAM asset synchronization
  • Lansweeper 5.x

Use the Attribute Mapping tab to map asset custom fields to the discovery tool attributes. The available asset attributes you can map depend on your selected discovery tool. These values come directly from the discovery tool’s database.

When you use SCCM to run WHD asset recovery, use an SQL-authenticated account to connect to the SCCM datbase. If you use a domain-authenticated account, you may receive an error because WHD does not support a mixed mode/domain account to log in to the SQL database server.

See Port requirements for Web Help Desk for details about the Web Help Desk ports for asset recovery.