Documentation forWeb Help Desk

View the system information

The System Environment screen located at Setup > General > System Information contains information about troubleshooting and understanding your server’s configuration.

The following table describes the fields listed in the screen.

Field / Button Description
Web Help Desk Version

Displays the version of your SolarWinds Web Help Desk software version.

See the SolarWinds Customer Portal website for updates.

Java Version The current version of your Java Virtual Machine (JVM) running the SolarWinds Web Help Desk software.
Java Home The location of the Java Library.

The Java classpath parameter setting used by the SolarWinds Web Help Desk software.

The default installation only includes WOBoostrap.jar, which provides a class loader for other files needed by the software. The default setting can be extended by defining the CLASSPATH environment variable.

Extension Dirs

The extension directories included with the SolarWinds Web Help Desk software.

Temp Dir The directory provided to the JVM for storing temporary files.
Operating System The operating system and user account for your SolarWinds Web Help Desk software.
Graphics Environment The graphics environment used by Web Help Desk to generate charts. This setting may be useful when troubleshooting reporting issues.
JVM Memory The amount of memory currently used by the SolarWinds Web Help Desk software and the total amount of available memory reported by the JVM.
Preferred Browser Locale(s) The current preferred locale codes provided by your Web browser, in order of preference.
Daemon Mode The mode that the daemon services are running from within this instance of SolarWinds Web Help Desk.
Restart Web Help Desk Restarts the Web Help Desk server.