Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Define the tech group email notifications

You can enable Web Help Desk to send an email notification to a tech, level techs, or a group manager when a new ticket is created. This notification is sent to one or more recipients when:

  • A client updates a ticket.
  • A ticket is updated using the REST API
  • A ticket is updated from a SolarWinds Integration alert
  • A new ticket is created using the REST API
  • A new ticket is created from a SolarWinds Integration alert

All selected recipients receive email notifications regardless of their individual tech preferences for email notifications.

  1. Click Setup and select Techs > Tech Groups.
  2. Click a group in the Group Name column that will receive email alerts when a new ticket is opened.
  3. Click the Tech Group Levels tab.
  4. Select a tech group level in the Level column.

  5. In the Force E-Mail Notification To row, select the people who receive an email notification.

    If you select Level Techs, the email is filtered by Location Group and Department Group membership.

    If the ticket has no Location Group or Department Group or the Ignore Location and Department check box is selected in the level, then all level members receive an email notification.

  6. Select the Send on Ticket Creation Only check box.
  7. Click Save.