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Add a CA to the embedded Java CA cert keystore

Web Help Desk does not accept certificates signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) that is not trusted by its Java Virtual Machine (JVM). To import the certificate into the trust store, export the certificate to the CRT file and import the CA. Run Porteclé as an administrator to import the CA.

Import certificates on Windows or macOS

  1. Start Porteclé.
  2. If you have a Microsoft Windows system, execute:


    If you have a macOS system, navigate to Applications > WebHelpDesk > Porteclé and double-click the Porteclé icon.

  3. Navigate to File > Open Keystore File.
  4. Open the cacerts keystore file.
  5. If you have a Windows system, locate the keystore at:


    If you have an Apple OS X system, open a terminal window and execute: 


  6. When prompted, enter the default password:


  7. Click Tools > Import Trusted Certificates and locate the .crt file.
  8. Choose the following file and alias/name:


  9. Restart Web Help Desk.