Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Remove assets

In Web Help Desk, the default aging interval for all assets is 90 days. If a node is not rediscovered or provided data within the last 90 days, its life cycle status changes from Active(0) to DECOMISSIONED(2).

To update the default aging interval:

  1. Locate and open the appropriate configuration file in a text editor.

    For Microsoft Windows systems, open the wrapper_template.conf file located at:


    For Linux and macOS systems, open the whd.conf file located at:


  2. In the file, update the value in the following JAVA_OPTS parameter:


    In this example, all Web Help Desk assets are decommissioned if not rediscovered within 30 days.

  3. Save and close the file.

If Web Help Desk discovers the asset after the decommission, the asset will become active in Web Help Desk again.

See Configure WHD discovery engine (WMI) settings for information about removing or changing the status of an undiscovered, decommissioned asset listed in the Web Help Desk database.

See Create asset, status, and warranty types to remove one or more asset types.