Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Configure inventory alerts

Configure the frequency and recipients for all email alerts—for example, when your inventory threshold falls below your specified level for parts requested by your clients.

  1. Click Setup > Parts & Billing > Inventory Alerts.
  2. Click the Inventory Alert Interval drop-down menus and select how often email alerts are sent when inventory levels are below the specified threshold for each part.

  3. Enter the email addresses (separated by a semicolon) for all personnel who will receive inventory alerts.

  4. Click Save.

Override default inventory alert recipients

  1. Click Setup > Companies and Locations > Locations and Rooms.
  2. In the Location Name column, click the appropriate location.
  3. Click the edit tool.
  4. Edit the information in the tab windows as required.

    Click the tooltips for details about each option.

  5. Click Done.