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Methods for creating client accounts

Check out this video (8:58) on setting up a Web Help Desk account.

Clients are authorized Web Help Desk users who submit tickets. A client account must be created for each client.

You can create client accounts by importing the client information or manually entering the information in the Web Help Desk Admin Console.

  • Import client information from an AD or LDAP server. If you can define a connection to the company's Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory, Web Help Desk can quickly create client accounts based on user records. See Import clients from Active Directory for information about defining a connection, mapping attributes, and importing information.

  • Import client information from a file. You can import client information from a file in TSV (tab-separated values), CSV (comma-separated values), or Excel format. See the Web Help Desk Administrator Guide for details.

  • Manually enter client information. If you cannot import client information from a server or file, you can manually create client accounts. For example, an import might not be possible because the AD or LDAP server is external to your network. Or an import might not be necessary because only a small number of users require Web Help Desk client accounts.