Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Integrate Apache Tomcat in Web Help Desk

By default, Web Help Desk runs on port 8081. If Apache Tomcat is not required and you prefer to run the application on port 80, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop Apache.
  2. Set the DEFAULT_PORT variable in <webhelpdesk>/conf/whd.conf to 80.
  3. Restart Web Help Desk.
  4. Enable Apache to run on port 80 by allowing it to proxy requests to the Web Help Desk on port 8081.

    1. Open the <webhelpdesk>/conf/whd.conf file.
    2. In the file, set the URL_DEFAULT_PORT setting to 80
    3. Save the <webhelpdesk>/conf/whd.conf file.
    4. Enable mod_proxy as described in the Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0.
    5. See Apache Module mod_proxy on the Apache Software Foundation site for more information.

    6. Add the following lines at the end of your Apache httpd.conf configuration file:

      ProxyPass /helpdesk http://localhost:8081/helpdeskProxyPassReverse /helpdesk http://localhost:8081/helpdesk

    7. Save the file.
    8. When completed, the application will appear as if it is running on port 80.

  5. Restart your Apache server.